Sebyr Francis
Souriante, dynamique et toujours très investi dans son travail Kata sait être à l'écoute ce qui permet davoir une ambiance familiale lors de tout les shooting. Elle fait toujours de son mieux pour parfaire son travail ce qui fait d'elle un grande professionnelle qui a le mérite d'avancer à grand pas dans le monde de l'ar! C'est toujours avec joie et grand plaisir que j'ai de travailler avec Kata !
Jozsef Trefeli
Kata Tóth is a committed costumes designer who is a joy to work with. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and artistry are a major plus to any process. Having worked with Kata on a number of projects I highly recommend her as a collaborator who will inspire the work and the workers to reach for greater heights.
Gabor Varga
I've had the chance to collaborate with Kata on my last creation, Creature. She was rather new to the "costume making business", but my initial doubts quickly dissipated after our first working session. She has arrived full of ideas, took ours even further, supplied us with concepts and references. I immediately saw that I'm discussing with an artist. She was also brilliant with the technical execution of the ideas we agreed upon and stayed open to changes and suggestions, putting herself completely at the service of the piece. I would definitely recommend Kata to other choreographers/theater directors and would happily work with her again myself.
Gyula Cserepes
A simple, easy to overview webpage. Love the colorful design and how each section has it's own characteristic. Congrats!