József Trefeli & Gábor Varga

Gábor and József have an acute ability to analyse and reinvent traditional dance. The starting point forCreature will be the accessories used in dances including sticks, whips, mask and costumes. The process will be to deconstruct and recycle the traditional dances and accessories with a view to make it relevant to the audience of today. There’s something wonderful about taking something that has already been used, ready to be thrown away, deconstructing and reconstructing it to serve a new purpose. It’s not about fixing it, but making it function in a new context, giving it a different life. In their choreographic process Gábor and József will commandeer the folklore to produce their own “fakelore” thus inventing an updated Creature.

costume design & execution : Kata Tòth

august 2015


photo: Grégory Batardon